Wampage (aka Anhõõke)

Wampage was a Siwanoy who is said to have led the war party that attacked Anne Hutchinson and her family on August 20, 1643 and subsequently boasted that he personally scalped Anne Hutchinson. 

According to Lockwood Barr's History of the Ancient Town of Pelham "[i]t was customary among the Indians when they murdered some important personage, to add the name of their victim to their own name--and so Wampage took the name of Anne Hutchinson, which became Anhooke. 

The territory where he had his village became known in the archives as the Land of Ann Hook, spelled in various ways."  Wampage, as Anhõõke, was one of the five Siwanoys who on June 27, 1654 signed the treaty that sold the lands that later became The Pelhams and surrounding areas to Thomas Pell.  The other Siwanoys who signed the treaty were Shawanórõckquot, Poquõrúm, Wawhamkus and Mehúmõw.  Three additional Siwanoys signed as "Indyan Witnesses" to the "Articles of Agreement" section of the Treaty:  Cockho,  Kamaque and Cockinsecawa.