1832 Letters written by John Creed Harrison - father of Alfred Creed Harrison
and by Alfred Creed Harrison (Transcription below)


































































September 24th, 1832

My dear (wife) smeared

I shall strive to send you 20 per week and as much moore as I can and if you are a little in debt when I ham in work; I can soon pay it tharefore my dear you make yourself comfortable as you can and please the Lord in the spirit. I think of having you over with me I ------- I can get a berth as carpenter on board a liner in the spring. I may come to see you and my love you need not think that I shall starve in this contary there is no fear of that if people starve its thair own folt My LOVE I feel that you are now in a stue about me at this moment which is betwixt one and two o'clock with you and by your frettings do only make me very comfortable about you. My dear love I hope that you will make yourself contented for you may depend on seeing me again, if please the Lord, for if you was to say that you whould not come to this contary I whould ------------ to you my love.

My dear you menchene in your letter that you whould me to return if I did not find things according to my wishes but I must say that I think this country for a working man then the old one. It presents a better prospect for parents to bring up thair family than that, I have lost but very little time since I have been in this contary and that was on account of that Disease which have made grate avoc in this city.

And I believe that every heart did ache for fear not knowing but they may be the next that may be taken out for they was taken and dead in the course of two or three hours and but very fine that did recover I wished myself in London I do asure my love but the Lord have given me my helth and the forinsible things I want is you my dear wife and the little ones with you. I begin to like this contary pretty well to what I did at first for things is surely different into this contary to what they were thar with you but I now begin to larn thar ways and costoms which is a grate advantage to a person ever to come to this contary.

And of Mr Bees I will repay him for his kindness toward you and you my dear I do not intend that you should slave yourself by standing at the wash tub when you do come to this contary for the whoman is counted of some value in this contary and the blacks in general do the hard and laborous such as washing and ironing and cleaning. I have removed from my ding house whare I did bourd when I sent you the last letter and please to direct to Mr. John Creed Harrison left for me at Mr Pithers 69 Christeys Street ?? The Bowrey New York My love I have sent you two soverings by the Captains of the Florida ships and I shall expect a letter returned by the said ship when thay do return to this contary and you please to send me the particulars of everything in all letters and the best way for you in the letters that you send to me is to send them to the north and south america coffe house instead Needle street and pay 3 pence then. You can put them in the letter bag yourself. With this I must conclude - so nomore at present from your ever loveing and affectionate husband

John Creed Harrison

This letter is dated September 25th from New York

My dear loving wife and children

This comes with my kind love to you all hoping that this will find you in good health as this lives in me at present thanks be to the Almighty for His goodness to ----- me. My dear love I receved your letter you sent by Mr. Cafs and was very glad to hear from you and that you ware all well.

My luck now I know from your own lips that you are continualy fretting about me and you see by the letters I have sent you that I know it by my own feelings my hart very frequently sighs and sobs meney times in the corse of the day. Then I know that you are then fretting I donot recolect that i ever tould you, that I could tell your feelings before I came to this contary. I ham sorry to hear that your younger master is dead and that you have lost some of your washing since I left home. You said in your letter that you was then out of debt which I was very glad to hear.

But my dear I hope you have not wanted for eneything since I left you and ham sorry to hear that you was obliged to wean my little girl so deprived her of her comfort. I hope that my eldest daughter is a good maid to her mother and that she do read her book like a good girl

My dear I expect that you and the children did want clothes and ----------- and I hope you have bought with the money I sent you with two soverings by the captains of the transversible ship and by the first mate of the president ship and I hope that you will ingorge yourself and not to stint yourself as long as you can you get it my dear I ham sory to hear that your pregnant but may love it cannot be helped YOu must not fret about it but make yourself as comfortable as you possible can and if you are enabled to put your trust in Him that have other to provided for me and you and have preserved us both I hope he have promised that he will provide for us and he will bless us and I hope my dear that you will make yourself contented and not work to hurt yourself and if so I shall be angry with you for I shall do my best to send you money soficient to make you comfortable my love and old sweetheart.

Now a letter from Alfred Creed Harrison


To the Parish Clerk of Newchurchhampton

Sir I beg to trespass on you for some inforrmation relative to a property held by the late Thomas Harrison of Arleywood near Vailswerth said to be in the "will" one house, and garden behind the house situated at the west end, and known by the name of the manor house

1st please inform me who are the occupiers of the said property what is the extent of land pertaining to such

2nd what is the probable value of it.

3rd also please inform me if James D Sorrden (?) and John Hale are living they are the executors of the will of the above Thomas Harrison A certified copy of which will I now hold. I may as well here inform you that I am the son of the John Creed Harrison, now deceased - should this not come within the limits of your jurisdiction and would be necessary to go to Gloucester or send for the purpose of examining the original will I should feel most in reimbursing you for any costs you may incur Also to remunerate you for any doables. I intend to come to Europe soon, should you think it advisable I will immediately on receipt of your reply and proceed to your address. I would take it as a great favor if you would send me every particular. This letter of course is written in the strictest confidence. Enclosed please find a copy of a certified copy of the will. Please also inform me what documents should accompany me. Awaiting your reply

Alfred Creed Harrison

PS The copy I hold is signed by Thos Harrison himself as well as his ex